Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend of Firsts

Friday, May 18
Last Friday night David and Caleb got to experience their first camping trip together.  There are 5 little boys in our neighborhood that are around the same age and one of the boys invited all the boys and their daddy's over for a camp out in their backyard.  Caleb was super excited even though he had never been camping and didn't know what to expect.  After David got off work on Friday he and Caleb loaded up their things and took their long hike to the end of the cul-de-sac where Austin lives.  Caleb wanted to take his nap mat with him and also loaded up some guns and a sheet that he thought he needed on his adventure.

 Each father/son combo brought their own tent and set up for the night.

 Here is a look at the adventurous bunch....Drew, Caleb, Austin, John and Carson

 That evening they enjoyed hot dogs, roasting marshmallows, making smores, chasing each other around the backyard with their flashlights and even sported some fun glow in the dark necklaces.  David said the boys had a blast and was surprised I didn't hear them down at our house screaming and laughing like a bunch of girls.

 David sent me a text around 10:15 that night when they were rounding them all up for bed that included a little sound bite of all the boys yelling from their tents telling one another goodnight.  It sounded like something you would have heard from the "Waltons" TV show :-)
 Apparently the boys started waking up around 5:45am the next day as the sun was coming up.  Before coming home they fixed eggs and sausage and had breakfast together.
 Caleb had a blast and was pretty tired and very dirty when he came home.  I think he is definitely ready for his next camping trip.

Saturday, May 19
Last Saturday we decided to go out to eat, David suggested Shoguns which is somewhere I haven't been in forever and Caleb has never been.   Caleb loved getting to sit at the grill and enjoyed watching the chef prepare our meal.  He insisted on using the kids chopsticks and ended up eating most of his meal with them.  He loved the whole show and ate a ton of food.  On Sunday he got out his kitchen supplies and pretended like he was the chef and re-enacted the experience complete with pretending like he was catching eggs in a bowl behind his back and flipping up a pretend scrambled piece of egg for me to try to catch in my mouth.

I love getting to watch him experience new things and am so glad he had a great weekend and that he got to spend some time making memories with his Daddy going camping.

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Kimberley said...

the 'camping' trip is a great idea!!! how fun!!! we've never been to shoguns either with the boys, not sure what they would do... or eat :)