Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Day Mess Fun!

I was excited Thursday morning to wake up to find that we had snow on the ground and that it was also still snowing. I was even more excited to know that it was one of my days off and I didn't have to worry about whether or not the roads were safe to drive on.

Caleb and I spent most of the day inside but we did take a few minutes late in the afternoon to bundle up and play in the snow. He enjoyed using his little shovel to dig in the snow and had fun making snow angels. The first thing he asked for when we got outside was for an icicle.

After lazing around the first part of the morning I decided it was time to turn off the tv and get out some paints. Caleb loves playing with paint and this day was no different. I asked him if he wanted to use a paint brush or if he wanted to use some leftover spaghetti noodles that we had from the night before as a paint brush. (this was something we did at one of our Mommy and Me outings). He had a lot of fun squishing the paint and noodles in his hands.

I told him to show me his hands and told him he looked like one of the men off of the Blue Man Group (he LOVES watching YouTube videos of the Blue Man Group on the computer). He immediately wanted to know how he could make his head blue and while I had my back turned proceeded to begin to run his hand in his hair, luckily I caught him doing this before there was too much paint on his head. I'm glad I decided to take his shirt off of him because he ended up with a bit of paint on him. The clean up however was easy as I just put him in the shower for the 2nd shower that morning.

Voila! The final masterpiece.

For our next craft project we proceeded to make colored ice stepping stones. I found this idea off of a link on The Crafty Crow. Caleb did a really good job pouring the water without any help and only got a little bit on the cookie sheet that we were using.

We decided to use paint vs. food coloring so that the color would stand out more.

He chose the colors himself and while stirring the pink told me "that's like Elyn's birthday party" :-)

After the colors were all mixed up we put them outside to let them freeze. I explained to him that they would have to stay out all night and that in the morning we would go out to check on them to see if they had changed to ice.

Friday morning we went outside and took our colored ice out of the bowls and put them in the snow.

Caleb got his pants a little wet while we were doing this so I had him take off his pants and shoes and afterwards went out to take a picture of our colored ice stepping stones. When I returned inside I found this....... :-)

He reminds me of cousin Eddie off of Christmas Vacation. Caleb insisted on going outside in his new outfit. Needless to say he didn't stay out too long before he told me he was cold.

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Beth said...

I thought I commented on this the other day...hmmm, guess not. I love the stepping stones. I may try those in the next couple of days!