Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who Says You Have to Pick One Costume

If you ask me what Caleb was this year for Halloween I would have to say an Imagination Mover/Fireman/Spiderman as he couldn't pick just one costume and instead picked three.
1st Costume:
I really thought I had at least one more year to get to pick Caleb's Halloween costume and that next year would be the year that he would start getting to choose his own costume but I guess I was wrong. I really wanted him to be an Imagination Mover (this is one of the kid's shows he likes to watch) but he evidently had other plans. When I asked him about wearing his Imagination Movers outfit that we had purchased earlier in the year when we saw them at the Walton Art Center he informed me that this year he was going to be Spiderman and that he would be an Imagination Mover next year. Where did that come from?! Luckily we already had a Spiderman costume that someone had given us last year. I thought about forcing him to be an Imagination Mover but I decided I needed to let go of this decision and let him decide so I was really surprised when he informed me that he was going to be an Imagination Mover for trick or treating at David's office. He had told me leading up to that day that he was going to be Spiderman. I thought he looked super cute and was so glad he made the decision to wear it (ok maybe I asked several times leading up to the event if he would wear it but he was always persistent that he was going to be Spiderman).

He looked so big strutting around the ISD building at David's work collecting candy. He did a great job of saying thank you and was very polite and would only take one or two pieces of candy even though you often thought by the way he would kneel down by the candy bucket like he was going to dive in and grab a whole handful but always just took one or two pieces.
He loved getting to hang out in his Daddy's office and naturally had to get up to the computer and do some "work". He also had fun writing and erasing things on the white board. We had a great time and Caleb enjoyed a train ride in the parking lot, playing in the bouncy houses, going down the huge inflatable slide, eating corn dogs and funnel cake and drinking lemonade. The lines were crazy long but I'm so glad we went.
2nd Costume:
I don't have any pictures but for Caleb's "school" party he decided to be a fireman. This was last year's costume and for a short time he wanted to be this again this Halloween but I told him he had to pick something else for Halloween night.
3rd Costume:
Caleb was super excited about Halloween and was really excited to get to go trick or treating with Gavin. This is our third year to go trick or treating with the Pitts and Baileys. They were so sweet a few years a go to let us invade on their tradition and we love it. Caleb held to his decision of being Spiderman and wore his costume with great pride. I was surprised that he actually wore his mask for the majority of the night. He cracked us up by running to each house as if he was afraid that they might run out of candy before he got there. He has been on a gum fascination lately and the first few houses he kept asking if they had any gum. He probably would have asked every house this but we told him not to ask and to politely take what they gave him.
He had a ton of fun and enjoyed passing out candy to the trick or treaters just as much as collecting candy. So glad that he enjoyed Halloween this year to the fullest.


Beth said...

mel, he looks so cute as both spiderman and imagination moves. When did he grow up?

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