Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July and I'll have to say I'm a little sad that it is over and it is time to start putting up all of the red, white and blue decor.

I started off the 4th by making some treats and fixing up a little gift sack of them to take over to our new neighbors that I had yet to welcome to the neighborhood.

Earlier in the week I put together some little treat bags for Caleb to give his friends that came over that afternoon. I found these little sacks in the dollare bin at Target and couldn't resist buying them and figuring out some little fun way to use them. I seriously wanted to buy more of them for future use but refrained (still kicking myself a little for that decision).
I loved this little dragon fly that decided to join our party.
We were so glad to have the Henderson and Walkers over to help us celebrate the 4th (sorry no picture of the Walkers). It was so good to get to hang out and just enjoy some time together. Caleb was so glad to get to see his friends.
I love this super cute cake that Dallas made. I had seen this on a blog but didn't even want to attempt making it so I was so glad to find out Dallas made one. It was so fun getting to cut into and reveal the fun surprise of a flag inside. Love the fun and festive touch it added to the day.

The kids (including us big kids at heart) had a lot of fun with all of the fireworks. We started things off with some poppers, party pops, smoke balls and some other fun day time fireworks before it started getting dark.
I wonder if Papa has already started working on football drills with Caleb (ha). Every time Caleb would run into the smoke he would drop his shoulder like he was tackling someone.
Once it started getting dark we moved the patio furniture and headed out to the front of the house to enjoy the fireworks show. It was a great night to be out and was fun getting to see all the different fireworks that were going off on our street and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

I think it was a good time had by all and am so glad that we are blessed with some great friends.


Kimberley said...

looks like you had a fun night! those treat bags look sooo cute!! and that cake, wooo weee, wouldn't know where to begin to make that! how neat!!

Dallas said...

fun time had by the henderson's! it was a blessing to be around good friends too!