Sunday, December 5, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know it Stomp Your Feet...

On our way home from lunch after church we made a quick stop by Payless to pick up a pair of shoes for Caleb. I've been meaning for a while to take him shoe shopping as I knew the shoes he has been wearing were to small for him. We weren't really in the mood for an all out shoe shopping hunt/trip so we thought we would just run in and grab something that he could play around in and would later go shoe shopping for some dress shoes, etc. I knew his shoes were a bit small but it wasn't until after we had his foot measured that we realized we had been shoving his size 9 1/2 foot into a size 8 shoe! First of all 9 1/2, really! Second, mother of the year right here, poor kid, I'm sure that hasn't been very comfortable!

We let Caleb help pick out his shoes and as he was looking around he quickly spotted a pair that there was no talking him out of.

I can't say these were even close to my first choice as I'm really not a fan of shoes with characters on them but if you could have seen how excited he was you would understand why I quickly decided it wasn't about me and that these would be finding a new home at our house. You might be thinking that it's because they have Buzz Lightyear on them but to be honest I'm still not sure that he even realizes that they have a cartoon character on them. His one and only point of focus is that they light up when you stomp them.

As soon as he saw them he told us that he wanted them and he exclaimed that they light up. I on the other hand didn't see the clearly labeled box and told him that they didn't light up. He quickly corrected me that they did when you stomp your feet, and sure enough they do.

As soon as David put them on his feet he started singing "If you're happy and you know it.....". David kept trying to get him to stomp his feet so he could see them light up but Caleb just kept singing and ignored David's request. I at first thought Caleb just wasn't obeying until I stopped to actually listen to what he was singing. I then informed David that he was waiting for the part of the song that says "stomp your feet" and sure enough he had to sing through the song and wouldn't stomp his feet and make the shoes light up until he sang "If you're happy and you know it stomp your feet" :-). (I wonder if someone had these on at church this morning)

Caleb couldn't be more happy about his new shoes and insisted on not only wearing them out of the store where he proceeded to jump around and watch himself in the reflection of the store windows but he also wore them to bed tonight. :-)

I love his excitment over his new pair of shoes and have had so much fun watching him enjoy them. They may not be my favorite pair of shoes but he couldn't be happier.


Dallas said...

So cute!!!

Beth said...

Little boys, so funny. I am with you on the character shoes, and i know if Luke saw these he would LOVE them too. Which is why he doesn't go shoe shopping w/me. :)