Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby It's Cold......Inside?

While some of you are wishing for a white Christmas with lots of fun billowy white snow our household is praying that the temperatures stays in the upper digits. Yesterday I started the first day of my days off until the new year so luckily I was home to discover that our downstairs heater was not working properly and didn't seem to want to kick on. At one point the display on the thermostat went blank and wouldn't even show anything and then randomly came back on. Needless to say we called someone to come take a look at it as we are hosting Christmas at our house.

While we hoped for the best the repair man told us that the blower on our downstairs heating/air unit had gone out and unfortunately they do not keep the part in stock and......wait for it..........the part will not be in until MONDAY!

The other nice piece of news was finding out the cost of a new blower, let's just say I'm very, very thankful that we took to heart the things we learned in our Financial Peace classes and that we have an emergency fund.

We are very thankful that our upstairs unit is still working but are going to have to have them come take another look at it because the pilot light keeps going out. We went and purchased a couple of space heaters, are bundling on the layers, trying to keep a positive attitude and are creating some crazy memories. So if you are reading this and are coming to our house for Christmas you better bundle up :-)


Dallas said...

Oh no! Head over to the Henderson house if things get too chilly! What are a few more guests :).

Kimberley said...

oh no mel! sorry to hear this! hope you get some heat soon! head this way if you need a place to stay!