Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Where is he?"

....this has become Caleb's new favorite phrase. He loves to hide behind the curtains in his room or behind a door and say "Where is he?" and wait for us to respond "Where's Caleb......There he is!"

He also does this when we are changing his clothes. As we are putting his shirt on or taking it off he will say "Where is he?". If this isn't followed by a response from us he will just keep saying it until we respond or simply just answer himself and say "There he is". No door or curtain available well this doesn't stop the fun. Last week while I was feeding him lunch he just out of the blue put both hands in front of his face and said "Where is he?" while peaking through between his fingers. This has become a very good game to keep him occupied when we are changing his diaper and he has more important things to do than lay still while we finish.

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