Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sitting Pretty

Aauugh! I couldn't believe what I saw on the baby monitor early Monday morning. Caleb decided that he really wasn't interested in sleeping through the night so around 2:30 Monday morning he decided to test his lungs a little bit. It was really a sad attempt at throwing a fit and was really more of a test of whether or not we would get up and come get him. I decided to let him cry it out a little bit (mean old mom) and just watch him on the monitor. He had worked himself into the corner of the crib where I couldn't really see him and all of a sudden he pops up out of no where. Let me explain he went from laying down to sitting up. This may not be a big deal to some but this was the first time that he has worked himself into a sitting position. I think he was even shocked because he stopped crying, looked around, made a couple more attempts at crying, then stopped and looked around stunned again. He ended up laying back down for a few minutes before sitting back up again. By the time I got up to go into his room he had worked himself over to the side of the crib and had pulled up onto his knees! Needless to say the crib mattress was lowered that night. Typically we don't fasten the small drop down section of his crib but something made me do it that night. I don't think he can pull himself all the way up but hey I guess anything can happen and I'm not taking the chance of him falling over the rail onto our hard stained concrete floors.

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The Rickard 5 said...

Oh my, how exciting and scary all at the same time. He is getting so big!