Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free Thomas Train!

***Update (6/28/08) Unfortunately it looks like Toys 'R' Us is no longer accepting this coupon. The store manager tried to give me some explanation as to why since the coupon isn't expired but to be honest it really didn't make any sense and sounds more like the coupon was more popular than they thought it would be. *****
Looking for a birthday gift or perhaps are one of those overachievers who has actually already started their Christmas shopping? Thanks to More Than Enough for posting this coupon for a free Thomas train at Toys 'R' Us (up to $12.99). David and I actually tried this out while we were by Toys 'R' Us on Saturday and were each able to get Caleb a train. You have to pay the sales tax but you don't have to make any other purchase to qualify.
Click here for your coupon. Choo! Choo!

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