Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's His Name?

His birth certificate says Caleb Nathan Winberry but in the very first week of life he was dubbed as "Little Tea Kettle" or "Momma's Little Tea Kettle" by my mom and I. This is because when he gets revved up to cry he sounds like my Grandma's tea kettle as the water gets hot. Who would have known that this would be the first of many nicknames to come.

Since then he has also been called "Little Puppy Dog" (again because of the way he sounds when he gets ready to cry), "Momma's Little Boy", "Champ" (not sure where this one came from but I seem to call him this quite a bit) , "Momma's Little Champ", "Hungry, Hungry Hippo", "Chunky Monkey, "Hey Buddy" by his Daddy and last but not least "Caleb".

Caleb: (Hebrew) dog: faithful. (Arabic) bold, brave. Bible: one of the twelve spies sent by Moses. An Israelite who joined Moses from Egypt to live long enough to enter the Promised Land.

Nathan: (Hebrew) a short form of Nathaniel. Gift from God. Bible: a prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon.


Marshall Brown said...

At least it's not anything like, "Hey You!"

Glad to see you guys blogging!

Dallas said...

I'm sure if you add siblings to his world in the future, he will get called by his/her name too. Poor Nora/Elyn...half the time I don't know who is who :)