Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Tuesday!

I'm happy to report that Caleb got up out of bed as soon as his alarm went off this morning, turned it off, got dressed and then came downstairs without any assistance or coaxing.  He was excited and ready to head back to school this morning.  Today he decided he wanted me to drop him off and not walk in with him.  I obliged but I'll admit I didn't like it and it took me a few minutes to quit wondering this morning whether or not he found his classroom ok.  This afternoon Joshua and I went to a couple of stores and it was really weird passing by the school knowing Caleb was in there.  I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch him just for a day :-).

He had his first homework assignment tonight.  I let him watch TV for a few minutes when he got home from school and then let him know he needed to do his homework.  He didn't give me any fits and he said that he needed a desk like school to do his homework (which is funny because they sit at tables not in desks) and that he wanted to sit in the desk we have upstairs.  Thankfully tonight's homework was super easy and took him just a few seconds to complete.  He just had to color the border around a worksheet that I'm assuming he will fill out and complete in class tomorrow (at least that was this momma's understanding of the directions).

Joshua has recently decided to venture out and crawl up the stairs.  He has only done it a couple of times but not enough that we have had to worry about it and put up the gate.  Well, this all changed this afternoon.  After Caleb got home from school Joshua decided that he likes this stair climbing business and kept trying to climb up them.  Looks like the baby gate will be going up at the Winberry house.

We also discovered that this little guy really likes black beans.  He just kept shoveling them in.

Big brother didn't want to miss out on being involved in the action so he decided to slap a little jello on his face so we would take his picture.

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