Saturday, April 6, 2013

Go Red Bears!

This Momma couldn't prouder!  Today was Caleb's first soccer game and I am so proud of how he hustled and tried his best.  This is our first year of organized sports so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  He has only had one practice (his second practice was rained out) and hasn't really had that much exposure to soccer so I wasn't really sure how he would do today.  He did great (at least in this Momma's opinion)!  He jumped right in and wasn't afraid at all to get into the mess of things and try to get to the ball.  He started getting a little tired during the second half of the game but he still paid attention to his coaches and did everything they asked him to.  At the end of the game they handed out game day stars (aka stickers they put on a poster) and he received a star for "Effort" (the other stars they can receive are for Defense, Offense, Sportsmanship or Christlikeness). 

He is playing on a coed team (4 girls, 4 boys) with Upward Sports through First Baptist Rogers.  He had a lot of fun today and I think drank close to a half gallon of water. Apparently drinking water during practice and at the game is quite the novelty. He was afraid he wouldn't have enough water for today's game so he asked me to bring a second container. I guess it's a good thing because at some point during the game today he came over to the stands to get a refill as his first thermos was empty.

I'm so glad he had such a good time today and can't wait to watch him play again next Saturday. Go Red Bears!

 Some of his biggest fans! (Daddy, Nana and Papa were also there to help cheer him on)

Waiting his turn to go back into the game.

Waiting to throw the ball in

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