Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jack-O-Lantern Fun

Caleb was all excited this year about making a jack-o-lantern and asked for several days when we were going to make one so Sunday was the big day. 
Here are a few family pics before the carving began. :-)

The boys were deep in thought drawing out the outline of their jack-o-lantern and getting all the pre-work done.  David showed Caleb a few different jack-o-lantern ideas on the computer and let Caleb pick which one they ended up making.
 Caleb was all about getting his hands dirty and scooping all of the guts out of the inside of the pumpkin.

 While David worked hard on carving the pumpkin Caleb worked on creating his own masterpiece with all of the ooey gooey guts of the pumpkin.

 And here is the finished product.  I thought they did a great job and I love our jack-o-lantern.

Random:  This has nothing to do with our jack-o-lantern but I think it's funny.  Last Friday Caleb had his Halloween party at school and Joshua and I got to attend.  It was fun getting to watch them play games, have their snack and enjoy some craft time.  One of the crafts was getting to decorate a pumpkin.  One of the kids in Caleb's class was a little upset at Caleb and said "hey Caleb you are using all of the eyes", without missing a beat Caleb responds "well my momma likes a lot of eyes" (LOL! Where did that come from.)

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