Friday, August 10, 2012

Paging Dr. Winberry.....I mean Hospital

I really wanted to make sure that Caleb felt included in Joshua's arrival and that he didn't feel left out so we took a couple of gifts to give him at the hospital.  The night Joshua was born we let him open his first gift that contained snacks, juice boxes, a color book and crayons, a sticker activity book and army men.  These were from Joshua and were suppose to be things to keep him occupied while he waited to meet his little brother but things happened so quickly that he ended up opening them a little later after he arrived. 

The next day Daddy and I let him open up a gift from us. To say that he was a wee bit excited when he opened his gift would be an understatement (that is after the fact that he realized it wasn't legos.  He is on this huge lego kick right now.)

I originally wanted to get Caleb a pair of scrubs but then later came across this cute doctor's outfit, complete with scrubs, at Toys R Us.  Let's just say it was a big hit and Caleb LOVED pretending like he was a Dr. and was very busy for the remainder of the day checking on his little brother and making sure that all of his vitals were ok.  He cracked us up on how serious and intent he would look as he was checking him over.  He was very thorough in his "exam" and would even check his back to make sure he sounded ok.  He was a little disappointed at first that his outfit did not come with booties but Daddy quickly came to the rescue and asked one of the nurses if Dr. Winberry could have a pair of theirs.

At one point during the day he thought it was fun to enter into the room like he had seen the other medical staff. 
We had been referring to him as "Dr. Winberry" all day but for some reason he decided he didn't want to be called that anymore and he corrected me and told me to call him "Hospital" (LOL). I'm so glad that he enjoyed his presents and that he loved feeling important while he checked on his little brother.

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Kimberley said...

great photos!!! you captured wonderful memories!!