Sunday, February 26, 2012

Belly Shots

I realized this weekend I still had not taken any belly pictures so with some help from Caleb yesterday I took my first belly shot. I really meant to be good and take one each week but as you can tell I'm already a bit behind with that great intention. And, in case you are wondering yes you read the sign correct I am 17 weeks along even though I could pass for 6 months. David tells me I look fine and not to worry about it and to just enjoy being pregnant.

Caleb is still very much excited about being a big brother and at least once a week if not every day talks about the baby. He had a couple of weeks where he had flipped from it being a girl to wanting a brother and told me he was done with it being a girl but for some reason has recently switched back and told us he wants a sister.

Last night he was apparently inspired to take his own belly pictures and before bedtime he went and got his penguin and put it inside his pj's and explained to us that he had a baby in his belly.

He is such a silly boy and I love every little bit of his imagination. I'm so glad he is excited about the baby and I hope he keeps this enthusiasm.


Beth said...

Mel,Love this post. So precious. I can't get over how big Caleb looks.....Your belly is looking good!

Dallas said...

You look beautiful! Can't wait to hear if he is getting a brother or a sister!

Kimberley said...

pregnancy looks great on you!! caleb is sucha silly boy!