Monday, June 27, 2011

Good Times!

Wow, I just downloaded 399 pictures off our camera so to say I have some catching up to do is a bit of an understatement. So let's get started with our super great weekend with friends......

This past Saturday we helped celebrate our friends little boy's 1st birthday. I can't say enough about how cute his party was. My friend Kimberley did an extra special job putting his party together. Here are some pics of all the fun.

Levi with his cake
Love all the things that Kimberley made for the party (I hate I forgot to get a picture of the cute balloon wreath on the front door)

Each of the kids got to take home one of these fun freezer mugs
Kate being silly eating her skittles
the boys being boys
The birthday boy and his mama
David sitting in for John in the Pittman's family photo (this cracked us up)
The kiddos also had a great time playing with the toys inside.
It was a perfect night to just hang out outside. The kids enjoyed trying to catch fireflies and even were able to capture a little frog. We had so much fun hanging out with our friends on Saturday that we ended up getting together again Sunday night. Hey, we didn't want them to have to eat all of those left over cupcakes by themselves. Thanks Keys and Pittmans for a great weekend!


Kimberley said...

well hello there! so happy you blogged! :) we had a great time too!! so glad you celebrated with us!!

Beth said...

Good pics Mel. We had such a good time! I missed us hanging out and talking...good to catch up. Glad we did it two nights in a row! Also, have I seent the V-day post? I can't remember - either way, I want: 1) some treats 2) a wreath.

Pittman said...

love the Pittman family David for hire when we do our next family portraits?

Melody said...

I am available for family portraits for a nominal fee.