Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Caleb currently has two favorite items that he can't seem to get enough of lately, one being drums and the second suckers. He was very excited by all of the suckers he received on Halloween so it was no surprise that after dinner last night he asked for one. Since he ate pretty good we decided we would let him have one. After only a few licks he handed it back to me and kept saying "different, different sucker". I kept trying to persuade him that the one he had was just fine but he insisted that he needed a different sucker. I remembered that Nana had said he really wasn't finishing suckers at their house so I thought maybe he really didn't like the mini tootsie roll pop that I gave him that he confiscated from Nana and Papa's house on Halloween. I finally decided to trade him out and give him one of the dum dums that he has had no problem devouring. After giving it to him I got side tracked talking to David and forgot to take the mini tootsie pop away from him only to look over a few minutes later to find this...

Hmmm.....who's the sucker? Looks like I got played by a not quite 2 year old. Needless to say he had no problem whatsoever eating both the dum dum and mini tootsie roll pop that he insisted he didn't want.

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