Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Nights

I love me some summer nights! Tonight when we got home David worked on getting the sprinklers ready for the summer and made sure they were all adjusted properly. Caleb enjoyed getting to play in them just as long as the water didn't hit him in the face. Since he was wet we decided to just eat outside as there was no point in drying him off only for him to want to go back outside when we finished and play in his "bath" as he likes to call it (aka the inflatable swimming pool) and run around in the yard some more. We had a great time just hanging out together and watching Caleb play in the backyard.

We decided to be a little lazy and instead of taking Caleb upstairs to the bathtub we just did a quick little sponge bath in the kitchen sink. This is something we haven't done in a long time so Caleb had to be sure and touch and mess with everything that was within arms reach.

Nana and Papa emailed us some pictures of his play date today with Madeline and pics of him playing in the sprinkler at their house. Caleb must of had me scroll through those pictures 7 or 8 times while he told me a story about each picture. Every time I would go to close out the program he would let me know that he wasn't done looking at them yet.

He went right to sleep tonight and didn't make a peep after David put him in his crib. David and I went then back outside and sat and listened to the sprinklers water the shrubs. It may sound silly but it's super relaxing and sounds like a nice little rainfall.

Ahhhh, nothing like summer nights.

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