Monday, April 13, 2009

Hippity Hoppity....Happy Easter

**warning....long post and lots of pictures**

Easter has been in full force at the Winberry's with all kinds of hip hopping activities. Caleb is not really into the whole idea of hunting eggs yet but he still seemed to enjoy all the events that took place anyway and definitely enjoyed getting to eat his fair share of candy.

On Thursday we enjoyed hanging out with our friends at Mommy and Me. Caleb loved getting to roam around the church building with a couple of the other kids since it was yucky outside. He seriously would be very content just roaming aimlessly around the church building all day. I'm not sure what it is about it but he can't get enough of it. He also liked getting to participate in the Easter egg hunt even if he didn't quite understand the whole concept of picking up the eggs and putting them in his basket. He however quickly caught on to the fact that there was candy inside the eggs and didn't waste any time making sure his cheeks were nicely filled. The other kids were super sweet and would bring over eggs and put in his basket as they wanted to make sure he didn't miss out.

On Friday I decided to bust out the egg shaped cookie cutter I bought this year and make a few sugar cookies. Maybe next year I'll get ambitious and attempt to make these adorable, and delicious, little cake eggs that Dallas made and brought to lunch on Sunday. How cute are these!
The weather was finally nice on Saturday so we spent the day hanging out as a family and got out for a few hours. After dinner that night we started our family tradition of dyeing Easter eggs. Caleb's favorite part was watching the color tablets fizz in the vinegar. I'm not really sure what he thought of the rest of the experience but David and I had a lot of fun getting to re-live some of our childhood days.

The Easter bunny brought Caleb a little wagon filled with various summer items (sunglasses, bubbles, shovel, pail, rake, etc). Caleb seemed to really like the wagon and all of it's contents. He decided that the rake and shovel made a nice make shift golf club and proceeded to hit the eggs that the Easter bunny brought him vs. picking them up and putting them in his baskets. He was so funny to watch. We later showed him that the Easter bunny put candy inside the eggs so he then went around shaking some of the eggs to see if they had anything in them. It was so fun watching him enjoy each item in the basket. He picked up the rake and shovel and played with them for a while, then discovered the sunglasses and had to try them on briefly, then it was on to the bubbles where we had to stop and have us blow them for a while so he could pop them. He next examined his new book in which he got very excited when he realized it had tractors in it and very excitedly exclaimed "tractor, tractor, tractor". The last thing he looked at was the chocolate bunny. It was actually the item he was the least interested in, oh how your priorities will change later in time. He apparently didn't want to waste any item inside his new wagon and even took time to play with the Easter grass.

We had a great Easter morning at church and had a wonderful time having lunch with friends. We ended the day with devo and pizza at church (we missed the giant candy hunt because we were all taking a nap but Caleb was still able to pick out a few items that were leftover when we arrived and still ended up with plenty of candy). Despite the yucky weather we had a wonder Easter and enjoyed the day spent with one another as a family and with our church friends/family.


Dallas said...

Great post! Your cookies looked FANTASTIC! I'm impressed with your icing action. Did you see what I put on Facebook? Hahaha!

Beth said...

Mel - such cute pics of Caleb. Sometimes he looks like David and sometimes I think he looks like you. love his it! The pic of you and david is really good too. Love the cookies. Glad you had a good Easter!