Tuesday, February 10, 2009

15 Months Old

In celebration of Caleb being 15 months old today I decided it was time to post some random information about him since it has been a while. Sorry this may get a bit boring but I'm using it as my journal time. This is by no means a complete lists it's just things that quickly come to mind.

Dada and I are still amazed how quickly you are growing. We are often still in awe that we have a little boy and that we are not just babysitting. Just tonight you were sitting next to Dada on the couch (not the picture posted) and Dada said "That's my little boy sitting next to me". We love you lots and lots and are loving watching you grow and learn new things. You are a very energetic little guy and you love exploring, being outside and are very inquisitive. It's pretty much a daily basis the last few weeks that you wake up and the first thing you say is "side" which equals outside. I can already tell that I might as well get use to spending my time outdoors this summer and load up on the sunscreen for both of us because it will be very hard to keep you inside once it warms up. Here are some things that you are saying and doing lately:

Words you can say:
side = outside
brrrr = anytime you think something is cold. We heard "side, brrr" A LOT during the recent ice storm.
ha = hot without the "t", this seems to be one of your favorite words right now. You are constantly wanting to know if something is hot.
bye bye
NaNa = what you call Dada's mom or banana
no no
go dogs go - Not quite that clear but we definitely know what you are saying. This is one of your favorite books right now
what's this
where is it
kitty or itty
Jo Jo - what we sometimes call Jordan, our cat
uh uh
juice - but you're referring to your milk
You attempt to say tractor but it comes out a little different (not sure how to spell out what you say)
Eee, Eee - you are referring to your sock monkey
uh oh

Animal sounds you can make:
cow says "moo"
lion says "roar" (very exaggerated out)
duck says "quack, quack"
dog says "boof, boof or woof, woof"
monkey says "Eee, Eee"

*You know what a dog says but won't say dog or puppy and recognize a cat and will say "itty or kitty" but won't say meow.

*You can make fish lips

*You know how to brush your teeth and recognize which is the toothbrush and which is the toothpaste.

*You will hand Dada your toothbrush, toothpaste or bubbles when he asks while giving you your bath.

*You will give us 5 when we ask

*You will often give us a kiss when we ask

*You know how to brush your hair

*When we tell you it's time to change your diaper you go to our room where we usually change your diaper

*You know what "clap" means

*You can show us where your eye, forehead, nose, ear, tongue and hair are

*You will reach up and grab our hand and walk beside us if we put our hand down in gesture for you to grab it. This is one of my favorite things right now.

and on and on and on...........

We love you lots and looks forward to all the new things you will do tomorrow and each day as you continue to grow, learn and discover.


Kerri said...

He is so sweet. ANd getting so big. Even though Abby and Bella will always call him baby caleb

Kimberley said...

He looks like a 5yr old in that first pic! My goodness, he's getting big! Sniff Sniff